A post-mortem on election post-mortems

What would a political party look like that modernised it's service?

Would an opposition party that modernised service to members win elections as opposed to governments losing them?

Do any of these sound familiar from your previous experience with Australian elections?

“[Insert political party name] infighting really killed their election chances.”

“[Insert political party name] really underestimated how unpopular [insert policy name] would be.”

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The best internet security requires you think about it: PC security for non-IT people

Left your front door unlocked?

Left your front door unlocked?

10 steps for everyone to secure your email and online accounts

How much of your own life is now online?

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Psssst….can I buy your vote? How much do you want for it?

How much is your vote worth?Would it be better if our voters were motivated and not compelled? Photo on Flickr by Wendy Piersall licensed under Creative Commons

In Libya or Syria the right to vote may be worth a life. However there’s little in the way of basic freedoms and a low standard of living. There is everything to play for in comparison to a Western democracy where you have many established rights and the standard of living is higher still.

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Twitter-based hacking: Retweets and @Mentions to trick users into visiting sites

Narcissistic? Who moi? - photo by Psychology Pictures on Flickr licensed under Creative Commons
We saw an interesting social engineering technique on Twitter this morning which relies on anyone’s natural curiosity when their Twitter username is mentioned.   


These Twitter users have a robot set up which scans the public Twitter timeline looking for Tweets mentioning certain keywords.  

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You’re not just a pretty face

Do you need glasses or just facial recognition genes? - photo by nonick on Flickr licensed under Creative CommonsI think I lack a facial recognition gene.  Yeah, I know nobody finds it easy to recognise people or remember their names. This is not what I’m talking about.

I can remember people’s names, I just can’t tell whether I’ve met them or not.  My recognition techniques therefore include getting into inane conversations with them and hoping that by talking about nothing for a while something they say rings a bell.

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Got a small business website? The dirty little secret your web developer didn’t tell you

Imagine as a small business owner you go and buy an office suite, off-plan in some big office development somewhere from those well known property developers Bodgett & Bludgett.

Now imagine that following the completion of your new office suite your property developer plasters large signs on every customer-facing entry point to your office saying  ‘Building designed and built by Bodgett & Bludgett Property Developers’.Who's marketing themselves using your website? Photo by AndrewH.uk on Flickr licensed under Creative Commons

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Write comments for (and create links to) blogs that appreciate them

Link love from Flickr by Sister72 licensed under Creative CommonsIf you are a blogger just starting out, there is a bright shiny world of poor blogging advice to be discovered.  It covers the full spectrum:

  • how (not to) build an audience for your blog,
  • how (not to) to monetize your blog, and last but not least 

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