Curation nation or where is my external brain?

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What’s all the buzz about curation?

Over the last couple of years there has increasing interest in the concept of curation, the idea that as the amount of content on the web expands exponentially, it may not be the availability of the content itself, but how it is organised and prioritized for you that matters (check out Google Trends on the growing use of the term “curation”).

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Creating a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) from ReadItLater bookmarks

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The following is a 10 step process for creating a Google Custom Search form (CSE) from your personal list of saved bookmarks at ReadItLater.

This will enable you to search the full text of articles you have previously read and bookmarked assuming the web page is not removed, and automatically pick up future articles.

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This post was written by @Drivelry on November 27, 2010

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The web escapes the computer screen: what the E-reader will do for unpublished information on the web

The next information wave - Photo by mikebaird from Flickr licensed under Creative Commons

The next information wave

It’s easy to hate the most over-used phrases used to describe the web age – paradigm shift, knowledge revolution, Web 2.0 etc.  

But hey we’ve all faced the tyranny of an empty page – it’s tough out there. And faced with amazing changes to how we locate information represented by Google and the other search engines it’s easy to reach for the bottle of superlatives.  

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The ‘always-on’ world of Generation Y and what we can learn from it

A young Gen Y iphone user (photo by JL! from Flickr - Creative Commons)It’s often tempting to see changes happening around you as somehow far more significant than they are. The ‘new‘ is seductive, and we all want to feel that momentous things are occuring that we’re just lucky enough to witness.

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Jane Austen: pride and prejudice in movieland in “The Jane Austen Book Club”

The Jane Austen Book Club DVD directed by Robin Swicord at AmazonIn Drivelry’s continuing mission to convert the obscure into ‘scure’,  it is remarkable how some movies do so well at the box office and others do so undeservedly badly.

A great case in point is the film “The Jane Austen Book Club”. Despite the title you really don’t have to know anything about Austen to appreciate this film.

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Online news: bloggers v newspapers – will the lowest cost base win?

Financial forecasts look negative for newspapers

Photo by Zarko Drincic from Flickr licensed under Creative CommonsThere are some nervous investors in the newspaper world.  Even after the recent 30% lift in the broader stockmarket, newspaper stocks like the New York Times Company and the Washington Post Company are trading on price to cashflow multiples of 4.2 and 6.8, where their 3 year averages were 11.8 and 10.6 respectively (Gannet actually trades at 1.8 x cashflow – albeit with a lot of debt).

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Setting up cheap and professional technology for a home-based small business: networking, laptops, web, and software issues

You may have just been made redundant, or you’ve always wanted to work part-time from home, or you want to run a small business from home. Photo by robertnelson from Flickr - licensed under Creative Commons

You want to:

  1.  use the technology that you know is out there to have a professional small home office setup, and

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