You’re not just a pretty face

Do you need glasses or just facial recognition genes? - photo by nonick on Flickr licensed under Creative CommonsI think I lack a facial recognition gene.  Yeah, I know nobody finds it easy to recognise people or remember their names. This is not what I’m talking about.

I can remember people’s names, I just can’t tell whether I’ve met them or not.  My recognition techniques therefore include getting into inane conversations with them and hoping that by talking about nothing for a while something they say rings a bell.

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Pros and cons of the celebrity cancer confessional

The writing about dying businessJade Goody - Big Brother reality-TV celeb - not recommended reading

It’s hard to be a fan of the celebrity cancer confessional.

 Apart from the similarity to watching a sports match where you  know the likely outcome, and that disease should at least be the great social leveller, you also wonder about priorities i.e. how would you like to spend your last year, doing stuff with people who are important, or writing a book?

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Baby boomers: guilt or selfishness? Leisureville and the geriatric generation

 My (late 20s) sister gets some flak about being part of generation Y. You know, that generation that has:-

 ‘an expectation that there will always be a job out there and that you should be able to get to the top job of any average organisation in under 2 years.’

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Why write another blog?

Dash across to and as of today you’ll find 3.9 million blogs listed. Sheesh. Makes you want to stop right there. Because that would only be a fraction of the actual blogs who want more control than WordPress or other free services like Blogger can offer them.

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