100 years of vampire movies – less Twilight & more a new dawn?

This is the first part in a four part series looking at the extraordinary popularity of the vampire genre, Dracula being the subject of more films than any other fictional character. The four parts are:

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It’s 9 years of your life – and it isn’t sleeping or eating

The loan your TV principleTerminate my brain: The Sarah Connor Chronicles DVD on Amazon

A couple of years ago I managed to loan my television to various friends who were broke or in transient accomodation or both.

My TV-less period lasted 3 years in total.

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Jane Austen: pride and prejudice in movieland in “The Jane Austen Book Club”

The Jane Austen Book Club DVD directed by Robin Swicord at AmazonIn Drivelry’s continuing mission to convert the obscure into ‘scure’,  it is remarkable how some movies do so well at the box office and others do so undeservedly badly.

A great case in point is the film “The Jane Austen Book Club”. Despite the title you really don’t have to know anything about Austen to appreciate this film.

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Australia, the movie: by way of Pearl Harbour, John Wayne, the Australian Tourism Commission (and Baz Luhrmann)

I’m writing this hiding in the bathroom from my partner, with whom I’ve just seen Australia, the movie. She liked it and thinks I need to disclose that I don’t like mangoes, vegemite and other Australian sacred objects.

This film had everything:

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