How to successfully blog without really trying (or ‘The 10 Rules For Blogging Superstardom’)

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A year ago I wrote an article titled ‘why write another blog‘  (the emphasis being on another if you take a look at the numbers of blogs out there) when I started 

Now that I know most things there are to know about blogging I thought it was important to give something back to the community.

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Online news: bloggers v newspapers – will the lowest cost base win?

Financial forecasts look negative for newspapers

Photo by Zarko Drincic from Flickr licensed under Creative CommonsThere are some nervous investors in the newspaper world.  Even after the recent 30% lift in the broader stockmarket, newspaper stocks like the New York Times Company and the Washington Post Company are trading on price to cashflow multiples of 4.2 and 6.8, where their 3 year averages were 11.8 and 10.6 respectively (Gannet actually trades at 1.8 x cashflow – albeit with a lot of debt).

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