Why write another blog?

Dash across to wordpress.com and as of today you’ll find 3.9 million blogs listed. Sheesh. Makes you want to stop right there. Because that would only be a fraction of the actual blogs who want more control than WordPress or other free services like Blogger can offer them.

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Ok but there’s a little more to it than that. Reading WordPress’s tagline “3,965,250 blogs, 124,346 new posts, 41,331,398 words today” a little division tells us that if we divided up the total posts for today (well that’s how I read the tagline …) amongst WordPress’s total blogs then at one post per blog (yeah well nobody said this was going to be scientific) only 1 in 31 blogs has a post today.

Expect to see this very stat quoted soon as gospel truth, “recent surveys have shown that only 3% of bloggers continue their blogs”.

Oh yeah, and just in case you’re wondering, “the average blog post is 330 words”.

Pretty daunting if you’re thinking about blogging.

It’s enough to make you think that perhaps self doubt is not a characteristic of your average blogger?

Yep. Google “why write another blog” and you get just 5 results:  http://www.google.com/search?q=%22why+write+another+blog%22 I shouldn’t have asked.

So why should you (or I) keep going? Well I guess for only 2 reasons:

  1. to mangle a quote from someone (from memory it’s usually George Bernard Shaw) ‘only paint or write something if the not painting or not writing of it is too difficult.’ Try everything else! And then if you still feel you have to (sigh), go ahead.
  2. this is THE medium for conversation. If you’re the kind of person who is as interested in questions as answers this is your medium. If you just want to give other people your opinion be a columnist, a TV host, or dinner party prima donna. 

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Article posted by @Drivelry on August 31, 2008

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