10 tips you need to know about email privacy and using email effectively


Email is now obviously a core part of our lives.

Yet despite this there are still a range of people using it who make significant mistakes that can cost them jobs, friends, or just the respect of others!

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Review of “Outliers: The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell - further reviews on Amazon

I have a feeling I may be about to break the code of conduct of the Royal Society of Book Reviewers (if they’d have me as a member) because I feel compelled to comment on Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers before I’ve even finished it.

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The golden age of radio is here again

Not so long ago we developed a media technology that could get inside a large number of people’s heads, wherever they were, with no physical delivery of paper required. In a matter of 15 years it went from being present in 2/3rds of American homes to being present in 94%.

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Digital picture frame comes of age with built-in WiFi

Frames like the eStarling can be picked up competitively priced on Ebay
Competitively-priced eStarlings can be found on Ebay or Amazon

If you’re like our household you probably no longer own a conventional film camera. You may even have multiple digital cameras: a compact one for quick snaps, and a larger body digital SLR.

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