Agora – “Anti-Christian worldview full of propaganda and blatant historical falsehoods”?

Review of Agora the film - DVD on Amazon  

By any conventional measure Agora the film sucks.  There’s no onscreen sex, the good guys variously die and are disillusioned at the end, it’s centred on an unknown philosopher played by Rachel Weisz, and the underlying romance is a story of unrequited love.  

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Curation nation or where is my external brain?

Photo by gruntzooki from Flickr licensed under Creative Commons

What’s all the buzz about curation?

Over the last couple of years there has increasing interest in the concept of curation, the idea that as the amount of content on the web expands exponentially, it may not be the availability of the content itself, but how it is organised and prioritized for you that matters (check out Google Trends on the growing use of the term “curation”).

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Creating a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) from ReadItLater bookmarks

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The following is a 10 step process for creating a Google Custom Search form (CSE) from your personal list of saved bookmarks at ReadItLater.

This will enable you to search the full text of articles you have previously read and bookmarked assuming the web page is not removed, and automatically pick up future articles.

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Twitter-based hacking: Retweets and @Mentions to trick users into visiting sites

Narcissistic? Who moi? - photo by Psychology Pictures on Flickr licensed under Creative Commons
We saw an interesting social engineering technique on Twitter this morning which relies on anyone’s natural curiosity when their Twitter username is mentioned.   


These Twitter users have a robot set up which scans the public Twitter timeline looking for Tweets mentioning certain keywords.  

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100 years of vampire movies – less Twilight & more a new dawn?

This is the first part in a four part series looking at the extraordinary popularity of the vampire genre, Dracula being the subject of more films than any other fictional character. The four parts are:

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You’re not just a pretty face

Do you need glasses or just facial recognition genes? - photo by nonick on Flickr licensed under Creative CommonsI think I lack a facial recognition gene.  Yeah, I know nobody finds it easy to recognise people or remember their names. This is not what I’m talking about.

I can remember people’s names, I just can’t tell whether I’ve met them or not.  My recognition techniques therefore include getting into inane conversations with them and hoping that by talking about nothing for a while something they say rings a bell.

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Finding the best blogs on the web for your personalized newspaper

Use Stumbleupon to find the best blogs on the web? - photo by majerleagues on Flickr licensed under Creative CommonsAs argued in“Online news: bloggers v newspapers”, we are entering a new era where the bundle of stories represented by current magazines and newspapers is being torn apart and being replaced by smaller publications and individual journalists/ writers blogging out there on the web.

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