The web escapes the computer screen: what the E-reader will do for unpublished information on the web

The next information wave - Photo by mikebaird from Flickr licensed under Creative Commons

The next information wave

It’s easy to hate the most over-used phrases used to describe the web age – paradigm shift, knowledge revolution, Web 2.0 etc.  

But hey we’ve all faced the tyranny of an empty page – it’s tough out there. And faced with amazing changes to how we locate information represented by Google and the other search engines it’s easy to reach for the bottle of superlatives.  

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Expect not to read e-books on your e-reader when you’re buying it

Oh dear, I'm reading less books now I have an e-reader - Photo from Flickr by Aprilzosia licensed under Creative CommonsWith the aid of the public domain Calibre e-book management application, which enables you to automatically subscribe to any news website (via RSS) and the increasing prevalence of the open (non DRM) EPUB electronic book formats that you can dump Adobe Acrobat PDFs to, you may find that books are the last thing you read on your e-book.   Let’s face it, paperbacks are easily available.   Where e-books really come into their own (assuming you’ve installed Calibre)  is in pulling down content from the web (and making it comfortable to read anywhere without a computer), content you normally cannot get in hardcopy unless you want to run your laser printer overtime.   Documents and news content like:  

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Customized newspapers on e-books: Calibre cross-platform e-book subscription management

Sony E Book showing the crispness of the e-ink display with no retouching - PRS-505 perfectly adequate as customised newspaper platform - photo by egon on Flickr licensed under Creative CommonsAmidst the turmoil in the newspaper publishing market there is one big problem for journalists leaving the safe-ish harbour of their big name publications and starting to experiment out on their own (if you are still wondering why you should be doing this read this as to why your safe harbour aint safe).

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Got a small business website? The dirty little secret your web developer didn’t tell you

Imagine as a small business owner you go and buy an office suite, off-plan in some big office development somewhere from those well known property developers Bodgett & Bludgett.

Now imagine that following the completion of your new office suite your property developer plasters large signs on every customer-facing entry point to your office saying  ‘Building designed and built by Bodgett & Bludgett Property Developers’.Who's marketing themselves using your website? Photo by on Flickr licensed under Creative Commons

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It’s 9 years of your life – and it isn’t sleeping or eating

The loan your TV principleTerminate my brain: The Sarah Connor Chronicles DVD on Amazon

A couple of years ago I managed to loan my television to various friends who were broke or in transient accomodation or both.

My TV-less period lasted 3 years in total.

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The ‘always-on’ world of Generation Y and what we can learn from it

A young Gen Y iphone user (photo by JL! from Flickr - Creative Commons)It’s often tempting to see changes happening around you as somehow far more significant than they are. The ‘new‘ is seductive, and we all want to feel that momentous things are occuring that we’re just lucky enough to witness.

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Jane Austen: pride and prejudice in movieland in “The Jane Austen Book Club”

The Jane Austen Book Club DVD directed by Robin Swicord at AmazonIn Drivelry’s continuing mission to convert the obscure into ‘scure’,  it is remarkable how some movies do so well at the box office and others do so undeservedly badly.

A great case in point is the film “The Jane Austen Book Club”. Despite the title you really don’t have to know anything about Austen to appreciate this film.

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