What is the new socially aspirational career?

Five years or so ago it was all so simple.

We had moved on from the doctor and lawyer aspirations that our parents had for us as children to lionize careers in banking and finance, but now bankers and financiers are lying gasping on the floor and the coroner is on the way.Photo by carveconsulting from Flickr licensed under Creative Commons

Stockbrokers and equity analysts who used to be badgered for hot tips at cocktail parties don’t get invited because their social circle got burnt listening to them.

Hedge fund managers are regarded as Ponzi scheme promoters.

Marketeers (rhymes with ‘musketeer’) are just trying to get us further into debt buying stuff we don’t need.

HR managers … hmm:

“Come right in, look there’s no easy way to say this but we’ve decided to make your position redundant.”

Doctors (well at least GPs anyway) in countries like the UK and Australia are merely badly paid public servants (with the current US adminstration aiming to head the same way).

Computing people after 2001 are merely car mechanics that got too big for their boots during the dotcom boom with no communication skills to ‘boot’.

The most popular area in the legal world these days is of course insolvency and litigation (taking people’s homes away from them and the stuff you do prior to taking people’s homes away from them).

Perhaps boilermakers are going to come back (I was never exactly sure what they did anyway)? What about bartenders – somebody has to mix the drinks for people to cry into?

Personally my plan is to further develop the field of blogotherapy. With 47 million of them out there it has to represent rich pickings. Workshop details to be posted shortly.

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Article posted by @Drivelry on June 4, 2009

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